Thursday, 23 April 2015

EA6/MA-056 Puig de Bonany SOTA activation

Driveway to the church entrance on MA-056 Puig de son Segui
This was another drive on activation - Puig de son Bonany. The hill and church is near the working town of Petra, a town as we found, to be full of narrow streets which would not be of interest to tourists. 

We set up our stations well away from the religious establishment, which had a communications tower sited right behind it. 

Dave G3TQQ and I walked into woodland for around 400m behind the mast in the picture to set up our station in a small clearing where the tree cover wasn't able to foul our antenna. With Nick concentrating on 40m and 30m 400m away we had the 20m band to ourselves and between us made 23 contacts around Europe in CW and SSB. We were packing up the station on our third activation of the day at 1345z, before heading north back to Port de Pollenca.  This allowed us sufficient time to activate EA6/MA-044 Talaia d'Albertcutx before returning to our hotel which was close to that summit. 

EA6/MA-044 to follow....

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