Thursday, 7 April 2016

Two days activating in Wales - April 2016 - Beacon Hill GW/MW-009

There is very little to be said about Beacon Hill GW/MW-009. We parked at spot height 406 on a lane that runs north to south. It was a straightforward 48 minute trek on tracks, rutted in places by the 4X4 "enthusiasts" that cause so much damage to our moorland. The weather was pleasant and our path followed Glyndwr's Way for a short distance.  As we were about to leave the summit after a successful activation a rainbow appeared, just to the left of Geoff's shoulder.....

We were fortunate again on VHF - with 9 contacts on 2m FM from a mixture of English and Welsh stations. After retrieving my car we drove to our guest house in Rhayader for a quick turn round, as we had arranged to meet fellow SOTA activator John MW0XOT, in a local pub at 7.30pm:

Writer Phil G4OBK - John MW0XOT - Geoff 2E0NON
We had a great meal with beer and wine in good company with (as expected) SOTA talk predominating the proceedings. It had been a good day, our first fairly dry one for some considerable time it must be said... three more SOTA Completes in the bag for me - hence the smile.

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