Wednesday, 29 April 2015

EA6/MA-066 Puig se San Marti Activation

After lunch in the beach bar in Port de Pollenca we drove less than 10 miles to the outskirts of Alcudia. We used a road which leaves the MA-3470 at N39.49.25.9" E3.06'06.3". The road is quite drivable with care, but you need to look out for potholes. After our activation we used the other part of the road to exit on to the MA-13 at N39.50'39.0" E3.05'24.7". There is little to choose between the quality of both approaches. The car can be parked at N39.49'58.4" E3.05'48.9" and the summit to the right climbed from there. The more easily reached hill with the masts on the top to the north is not within the activation zone as the coll where the car was parked is well over 25m below the highest point. 

Not the summit - the nearby drive on hill with the masts is outside the activation zone
On our way to the top we chatted to a couple of climbers who had all the kit and were doing several climbs out of a reference book which they showed us. We continued the easy way which involved a short scramble to reach the summit which took us 20 minutes from the car. The view over the Bay of Alcudia was stunning, but as I had forgotten my camera I had to use my mobile phone to take a few pictures:

On the summit of MA-066 Puig se San Marti
Dave G3TQQ with the Bay of Alcudia as a backdrop
Half way through our activation we had a short sharp shower but fortunately Dave had his small brolly to protect the transceiver and we also donned our rain jackets. The shower quickly passed allowing us to finish the activation in the dry with 49 contacts completed on the 20m band in CW and SSB in 40 minutes. 

This was my final 14th activation of the 10 day holiday and I will certainly be returning back to Mallorca as soon as I can to do some more...

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