Thursday, 24 October 2013

Wales & Borders - October 2013 Trip - Day Two: 1. Bradnor Hill WB-011

Day Two (Thursday) on my sojourn by train down to the Welsh Border area - and an early start in darkness. With six summit activations in England and Wales planned in the day we needed to be up at 5.00am and away before 6.00am so we had maximum use of the daylight. 
We headed north out of Malvern with Geoff driving and yours truly on the maps. Our destination was Kington Golf Course near the Welsh Border where we had an appointment with the "summit" of Bradnor Hill WB-011. The golf course is on access land, so no problem there with us being accused of trespass. Not that there were any golfers - we arrived in the dark and in mist at 07.00 am! We parked at SO 2867 5816 where the dog walkers park. A warning sign there states no vehicle beyond that point. You trek across heathland with gorse in evidence to the highest point on the golf course (391m) where there is a small wooden shed....

Here is Geoff M6PYG (2E0NON) sat in comfort operating on the golf course of Bradnor Hill WB-011. There was a high pressure inversion but no lift conditions and only five stations were worked. We were running 30 watts to a vertical dipole 3m above ground. 

We stayed for 15 minutes and then left to head for our 2nd summit of the day Hergest Ridge WB-008. 

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