Thursday, 24 October 2013

Wales & Borders - October 2013 Trip - Day Two: 2. Hergest Ridge WB-008

Fifteen minutes after leaving Bradnor Hill golf links in Geoff's Subaru we were walking up Offa's Dyke path in mist up to the top of Hergest Ridge.

The 1.8 Km walk from Ridgebourne Road to the summit of Hergest Ridge
Mike Oldfield (Songwriter and Musician) would have appreciated the atmospheric aura we experienced on the 40 minute steady walk up to the stones on the summit.  The mist was coming and going with the temperature inversion taking place around us. This was a most memorable walk just after sunrise, as these photos indicate - our early start was paying us a dividend:

The beauty of the Welsh Borders captured as we made for Hergest Ridge on Offa's Dyke
We looked across the valley towards Bradnor Hill WB-011 a mere 2 Km away
Wild ponies grazing at the Whet Stone 800m from the summit stones

The mist came down and shrouded us on the top - the stones are located at  the highest point
We stayed on the summit for half an hour and completed just six contacts using the usual 2m FM equipment.  Our return to the parking place at the top of Ridgebourne Road (SO 281567) took us 35 minutes and we sped off into Wales to activate Gwaunceste Hill next - SOTA Reference GW/MW-010. 

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