Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My Mum's 87th Birthday Party 15th October 2013

Judy and I went over to Chorley this week - it was my Mum's 87th birthday and so eleven members of our family gathered for a pub meal to celebrate. 

My brother Chris and his partner Sharon got a fantastic cake made for Mum:

My mum's birthday cake - good eh!
My mum served an apprenticeship during World War II, learning her trade as a confectioner. I can't imagine fondant icing was used then or this type of creation even thought of...not with rationing on anyway....

Phil and Mum Barbara - doing well at 87!
It was great celebrating mum's 87th birthday, after she'd had a quite trying year having to move home and all that entails for a senior citizen. Mum's younger than the Queen, but only by a few months.

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