Saturday, 24 October 2015

SOTA Tour on Ibiza by EA6/G4OBK/P in October 2015


It was the last week of the tourist season in Ibiza and my wife Judy and I took one of the last flights out of Leeds to the Island for a one week break.  The early morning short flight and meant we were on Ibiza signing up for our rather beat up hire car by the middle of the morning. The car we were given had been round the clock. It was a Chinese built 7 seater Renault Megane. "Seat Leon or similar" was what I chose when I booked the car from Holiday Autos some months previous..... I don't think this car was that similar to a Seat Leon, but the jalopy as we called it, did get us around the island. 
The 11 marked summits on Ibiza in the Balearic Islands
Ibiza is a great destination for SOTA which as I write this report has largely been ignored by the activators. The Island has eleven listed summits, and one close by on the island of Formentera. Ibiza is only one sixth the size of Mallorca, and amazingly it contains just one sixth of the amount of summits! Despite its size, only 40 Kms long, my wife Judy prefers Ibiza to Mallorca, and we found the people on the island extremely friendly. During my visit I also found and photographed another qualifying summit that appears to have escaped the attention of the EA6 association manager and SOTA Management Team. Mapping courtesy of the SOTA Mapping Project

The single summit on Formentera which is easily reached from Ibiza by ferry
I'm writing these reports in late November with the rain and wind lashing against my radio shack window, thinking back to an enjoyable SOTA holiday a month ago. Reports of the six activations will follow this week.  I hope my blog will encourage other travelling SOTA activators to travel to this lovely place and complete the summits I was unable to visit due to a lack of time....

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