Sunday, 15 June 2014

2014 EU Tour Day Ten - An activation of F/NO-133 Mont Cassel

Our last day and a 7.00 am breakfast at the Hotel de Lives, before we made for the ferry at Dunkirk. There was an opportunity to squeeze in just one last SOTA Complete in Northern France. 

Setting up in the town of Mont Cassel - within the activation zone some distance from the Castle Grounds
Mont Cassel lying a few miles off the D916 road to Dunkirk is a small historic town on top of a hill with sufficient prominence to cause it to be a Summit On The Air. We parked well back from the castle and split up. Nick set up his station alongside a footpath at the back of some gardens, whilst I found a place in a memorial garden by a cenotaph in a small square right in the town centre. 

There were many passers by but no one seemed interested in what I was doing, making my 21 contacts on the ham radio short wave bands in Morse. After 20 minutes I closed down as we needed to be at the port for a specific time and there was little time to spare...

Our tour was finished and we'd visited 30 summits all told. We'll probably never repeat anything like this long tour again, it was a fine experience....

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