Friday, 8 April 2016

Two days activating in Wales - April 2016 - Cefn Cenarth GW/MW-039

Cefn Cenarth was only 2.5 miles from our previous activation at Garreg Llwyd, however to reach the walk starting point we drove for 13 miles on a circuitous route to the north. On reflection later I realised we would have been better served by using the roads to the south, however the drive down the B4518 was most pleasant with the road at one point being lined with daffodils. 

A nature reserve has been created on the flank of Cefn Cenarth and as the map above indicates there are two ways to reach the summit. A car park with information board is located at SN 964759. The northerly path to the summit is more pleasant to walk as it is on grass, the southerly access being a graded track. We went up on the track and came back down on the path.  The forest on the summit had been felled leaving it full of brash. We set up again at the side of a fence and once again found 2m FM contacts hard to come by. We set up the FT-817 again on 40m and this time I made a handful of contacts using CW (Morse Code), the most notable contact being with Hans PB2T who was operating as HB/PB2T/P on a summit in Switzerland.  

Geoff on the summit 
My friend Geoff, operating as 2W0NON/P, persisted in calling CQ on and off on the 2m FM band. After 30 minutes he qualified the summit with his 4th contact:

The writer - just about to leave the summit of Cefn Cenarth 

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