Friday, 8 April 2016

Two days activating in Wales - April 2016 - Garreg Llwyd GW/MW-014

With breakfast being served at 7.00am at the Horseshoe Guest House in Rhayader, Geoff 2E0NON (driver) and I left the town at 7.45am and headed six miles north up the A470 to a gateway to the Bryn Titli Wind Farm installation. We parked here and walked the track up to the plateau of wind turbines just below the summit of Garreg Llwyd MW-014.

Access gate near the parking place adjacent to A470 road
It took 35 minutes to reach the summit. To stand on the actual summit you have to climb a barbed wire fence. Another classic case of inaccessible access land... So we climbed the fence and then returned to it so we could use it as a fixing point for the antenna.

Geoff Fielding 2E0NON on the summit of MW-014 Garreg Llwyd
It was early morning and with the summit being surrounded by higher mountains it did not favour VHF operation on 2 metres FM. After working our friend John MW0XOT nearby and Don GW0PLP in Cardigan, further CQ calls proved fruitless so the HF station (FT-817 & dipole) was set up on 40m SSB. My first contact was with Marcin SQ9OZM/P, who I was to meet on a joint activation in Poland later that month. 
After qualifying the hill as quickly as we could we packed and returned to the car just after 10.00am. 

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