Friday, 5 May 2017

SOTA in Moravia Czech Republic - May 2017 - Day Three

Friday 5th May

1. OK/VY-053 Duforty (2)
2. OK/VY-040 Holy vrch (4)
3. OK/VY-031 Svata Hora (4)
4. OK/VY-073 Maly kamenny vrch (2)
5. OK/JM-057 Babylon (2)
6. OK/JM-054 Pasnik (2)
7. OK/JM-015 Kamenny (2)
8. OK/VY-045 Jeleni hlava (4)

Day 3 - Activity was centred on summits within a 15 km radius of OK/VY-031 Svat Hora
Jan OK2PDT told us the previous evening about a road closure in Velka Bites where he lives, and provided us with an alternative road route to our first summit of the day, OK/VY-053 Duforty. Our target summits today were two and four point summits to the north of Namest nad Oslavou where we were staying for the first part of the tour.  At VY-053 a road went into the activation zone where we parked. We separated our stations as we always do to prevent interaction. We were finding that with around 100m separation at the 10 watt power level that no interference was caused to either operator on the 20m, 30m or 40m bands. In fact throughout the trip with this amount of seperation it was usually possible for us on occasion, to both operate on the 20m band at the same time - with Victor using CW and Phil SSB.  

Writing this blog some months after our tour I recall little about this day, until we reached the parking place for Pasnik OK/JM-054 that is...  Parking on the farm access road which led to the summit footpath was tight and there was a notice displayed in Czech which we did not understand, so we went to the farm to ask permission to park the hire car. The farmers daughter came out and fortunately spoke excellent English. She gave us permission and offered to show us into the barn to see the herd of cattle:
The lovely farmers daughter we met near Pasnik OK/JM-054 - the farm own the summit
After our chat with the farmers daughter we made our way to the summit, which took around ten minutes or so. The Czech authorities are so helpful - the signposting for used footpaths and the more popular summits are well marked as this photograph of Pasnik shows - note my fishing pole supporting the antenna:

Our 8th and final summit of the day was Jeleni hlava OK/VY-045, another wooded summit and one which was close to where we parked the car. Victor was feeling good - which wasn't the case the next day when he became quite ill:

We hadn't planned to activate 8 summits on day three - seven was our target, however with time to spare VY-045 was added. The total number of HF contacts on this day was 138. We made our way back to Namest nad Oslavou for our last night there.   Our last two nights were to be spent at a hotel further west in Nove veseli, so we could exploit the summits in that area.

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