Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Our Lamborghini Diablo has been sold

My brothers Lamborghini Diablo the day it was sold to a buyer from London

Not many people know this but until this week my brother owned a Lamborghini Diablo. He bought this car many years ago and it has now been sold to a buyer from London. Pictured right to left, my younger brother Chris, my nephew Scott and Chris's partner Sharon with her sausage dog Lincoln. 

Here is an earlier picture of the Lambo, taken in 2004 in Chris's garage. Scott is quite young then as you can see:

My younger brother has always been a "petrolhead". His first motorised vehicle was a Yamaha FS1E moped but he eventually graduated to this car!  He went on to serve his time as a car mechanic, he ran a car dismantling business and now buys and sells the odd car. 

Chris's latest project is to build Britain's fastest van. More information can be found here and on his Facebook page: Tom Catt

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