Tuesday, 7 May 2019

OK8CDX Czech Tour May 2019 - Day 6

Monday 6th May 2019

ST-012 > JC-084 > JC-060 > VY-015 > VY-043 > VY-013 > ST-025

Our last day and night to come based at our hotel in Rozochatec near Chotebor before moving closer to Prague. We stayed for five nights at Rozochatec. The only issue was that breakfast was served at 8.00am - we would have preferred it one hour earlier. Otherwise an excellent hotel, which was formerly a castle. Large rooms, good showers, nice simple breakfast - all we needed. There were a few other walkers staying there over the weekend, but the hotel was othewise very quiet
Breakfast at Rozochatec
We drove south again to revisit the OK/JC area, allowing us to pick off a few more SOTA completes. We activated 7 summits with only OK/ST-025 Horka not being SOTA Complete for me. Hopefully someone will go there then when I am home for the chase, although no one had activated the summit in the previous 3 years prior to our visit, despite it being virtually a drive on....

With such a busy schedule attempting to visit as many summits as possible the average time spent operating on each summit today was just 10 minutes each on the 40 metre band in CW/SSB, with Victor again concentrating on 30 metres CW.  It was a cold damp day with hats and coats being necessary wear. As on previous days there were a few legal drive on summits, but also a few where we walked in from the road for a considerable distance. On the 3rd summit JC-060, I was able to secure a seat at a covered picnic table within the activation zone:
The most interesting summit in terms of history today was VY-015, where a lookout tower was situated - now serving as a cellular radio mast. The plaque above the locked door preventing access, was dated 1940, indicating this tower was built during the German occupation of Czechoslovakia in World War II:

Phil OK8CDX & Victor OK8VM on OK/VY-015 Svidnik - a 6 point summit I have chased six times
As we left the last wooded and non-complete summit for me of OK/ST-025 it was approaching 6.00pm local time, so we headed back to our base near Chotebor, 40 miles from the summit. 

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