Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Wainwright Society 10th Anniversary Party

Around 60 members of the Society gathered at Wilf's in Staveley to celebrate 10 years of the Wainwright Society and I was there with Geoff and Nick, making new acquaintances and renewing some old ones. It was good to meet up with Roy Male who had recently completed Wainwright's Pennine Journey  and we compared notes. 

We were in the company of several VIP's - in particular A Wainwrights late wife's Betty's daughters - Jane King and Annie Sellar, Presidents of The Wainwright Society, and they were sat on the next table to us. 

What were we drinking? Red wine and Thwaites Wainwright Ale of course, and Nick and I drank plenty as Geoff was teetotal as he had to drive us back to Windermere as the designated driver. 

We did of course take part in the quiz (Derek Cockell Society Press and Publicity Officer is seen below handing out the questions). We did not win but I reckon we came close, and it was fun. 

Our table at Wilf's: Arthur, Nikki, Derek (Committee Member), Nigel, Phil (Writer), Geoff 
(and thank's to Nick for taking the photo)
The hot food, served in running buffet style, was excellent (eat as much as you like) as was the live music provided by Fiona of the Lakes.  Once everyone had drank sufficient alcohol we were asked to join in a rendition of Danny Boy, with different words and re-titled Alfie Boy. I have to admit that some of the notes were hard to reach, but we sang our hearts out. 

The party finished before 11.00pm and we returned to the Glenburn Hotel at Windermere for a good nights sleep to ready ourselves for our two Sunday walks from the Hard Knott Pass. 

We had really enjoyed the party and hoped that it won't be ten years before the next one is organised! be continued with around the Hardknott Pass

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